Tour Post #3: 12/1

TH 12/1 After hours and hours of driving through rain, rain, and more rain, through fog and slick places, light and dark, stops at innumerable identical rest rooms and convenience stores, we finally crossed the line into Florida. Somewhere in Georgia we noticed the mildness of the night, the clear skies and warm breezes, and we walked some of the kinks out of our legs.

And we arrived in Gainesville, (Alachua County, to be exact,) found the house, found the key, dragged ourselves in the door, made the beds and slept and slept and slept. And woke to a silent house full of light and the soft mildness of a Florida morning.

The Gainesville Plan finally came together as we drove (talk about last minute!) and through numerous phone calls we received invitations to a Devotional Drum Circle for tomorrow night, a visit to a Children’s Class for Saturday morning, an invitation to a Reflection Meeting for all day on Sunday, a concert for Tuesday evening, and an invitation to perform again during the social portion of Baha’i Feast for the following Sunday (if we’re still in town).

Now on to the plans for Tampa/Orlando/Clearwater/St. Pete, and then down to Sarasota for another concert and a week with Aunt Fay and Uncle Sam before making our way back up the coast to Atlanta for another concert and more activities Christmas Weekend!