Upcoming Tour of the East Coast

Just when I had been praying about what I was going to do in October and November, I received a phone call from Wendy, a friend I hadn't heard from in months.  "I want you to come down here to Myrtle Beach and give a concert! I can set you up at my church with an audience of 80 people!" 

"Well, that's really great," I said, "but I'm not flying all the way to Myrtle Beach for just one concert!" 

"No, you've got to come. I've already talked with the local Baha'i radio station, and he's going to set up an interview for you."

Hmmm. Could this be a Sign? An East Coast Tour?

Next day, another phone call, this time from Viviana, another friend I hadn't heard from in months. "What's going on?" she said. I shared my thoughts, and to my surprise, she went bananas. "YOU HAVE TO GO!!!" she insisted. "Did you have a vision of this? Is this what you really want?"

"Well, yes," I admitted... For the next hour and twenty minutes Viviana proceeded to tell me exactly how to go after what I wanted, how to make up my mind, leave no room whatsoever for doubts, fears, hesitations...KNOW that everything I needed was going to come to me without a hitch...insist that THIS was ABSOLUTELY what I had to do...tell me that I needed to find someone to drive and to prepare food for me, and that that person, the perfect person, would APPEAR as if by magic...

Viviana had me totally pumped for a couple of days. But then the doubts came creeping in again. How in Heaven's Name was I going to do this? With all my health problems? Maybe SHE thought I could do it, but I hadn't heard from the Voice of God yet. And that was precisely where I needed to get my confirmation, if I were going to continue to pursue this.

The answer that came in my prayers was two-fold: 1) THIS IS THE TIME! IF YOU'RE GOING TO GO, GO NOW! THERE IS NO OTHER TIME!

And when I asked "But what about my health, all my limitations, etc., etc., etc.?" The answer was so simple, and so perfect, and the ONLY answer that could have convinced me: "Depend on Me."