Sarasota December 17, 2016


December 17

Siesta Key. One of the world's most famous award-winning beaches. 4:30 in the afternoon. Perfect weather. Crows chattering high up on a wire, engaged in a more detailed and complex conversation than I am used to hearing from crows. Sand like white powder. The smell of the sea: like nothing else on earth. And oh the ocean, friend to me all my life.

December 18

Snowy egrets and Spanish moss and mild warm air encompass like a blanket... gentle ripples on the inlet to the, fish that jump high and wide and bigger and flatter and more plentiful than any I've seen at Puffers Pond! And farther up the inlet a great blue heron stands still as a statue keeping watch.

Buzzards rule here. they swoop and glide through the glistening morning.

December 21

Dew falling like tiny pinpricks on my skin, as the light grows with increasing intensity in the sky and my soul hesitates between light and dark, wrestling with ancient sins