Back in Action and Ready to Rock and Roll!

I've taken a rather long hiatus since January. Like many artists, I seem to be afflicted by a pattern of start, stop, determination and doubt. This usually takes the form of several months or, more recently, years, of concentrated effort, followed by several months of almost complete non-action. I tend to swing between the two poles of believing in the music and allowing myself to become distracted by doubts and thoughts (illusions, perhaps?) of the greater importance of other callings in life. The good news is that times of progress and fecundity seem to be becoming endowed with greater potency and drive, while periods of inactivity are, perhaps, getting shorter.

I returned to Massachusetts in March, to stand by the side of my dear cousins and Aunt Ettie, as she made her peaceful transition from this life to the next. Life was a whirlwind, involving the Illnesses of the North in Winter, my Aunt's passing, and beautiful but tumultuous family upheavals which are proving to be filled with many gifts, one of which is my awakening (as fully as currently possible) once again to my musical calling and destiny.

Look for tangible manifestations of this new level of consecration soon to be reflected in performances around the Northeast!